How to make a performance appraisal survey?

A company is what it is, because of its employees. The employees are responsible for the success and failure of that company. Though in large MNCs, the contribution of an employee might seem negligible to a broader perspective, it is very important for companies to acknowledge and value their employees

The greatest asset of a company is its’s people
Jorge Paulo Lemann
Co-founder,Banco Garantia
Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you should build one with your employees first
Angela Ahrendts
senior VP, Apple
What is the performance of an employee?

The managers and the HR of a company are mainly responsible for determining the performance of an employee. Their performance is judged based on the guidelines of their job description – Whether they were able to reach their target? What was the time taken by the employee to accomplish the goals set by the firm? 

Apart from the work-wise performance or productivity of the employee, it is also taken into consideration how they behave with other fellow colleagues, their performance in a team, etc. 

What do we mean by the performance appraisal of an employee? 

Performance appraisal is a systematic and structured method of obtaining and measuring the value of an employee on the basis of their performance in the job and their potential for future development. 

Performance appraisal is mainly done by the supervisors on an annual, half-yearly or quarterly basis, depending upon the type and size of the company. 

It is a very important part of any institution that helps in deciding the wages, promotions, training, transfers, etc. of the employees. It also provides an insight for the employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can work upon it for self-development. 

One method of measuring the performance appraisal of the employees of your company is by formulating performance appraisal surveys. Survey2Connect allows you to create such surveys with great efficiency. 

Tips for creating performance appraisal surveys:
  1. Target Department: Choose the department that you want to target. Performance appraisal surveys are characteristic of that department. Different departments would require different surveys as their purpose and role in the organization is unique and distinct. 
  2. Goal:The goal of the survey should be predetermined. Based on the type of evaluation the higher authority wants to make, the survey is structured accordingly. 

The goal of the survey should be very clear, not only to the company but to the employees as well. It helps in creating transparency within an organization. 

A survey designed for calculating the promotions of the employees would be different from a survey made to understand the types of training that are required by the employees of a company. 

  • Choose the traits to be targeted: Depending upon the goal of the survey, you should decide the traits of the employee that you are trying to assess. These traits are specific to the target department and the goal of the survey.

For promotions of an employee, target traits should be – Leadership, Behavior of the employee with other colleagues, juniors, etc. 

For training, target traits should be – Knowledge, Experience, Practical Exposure, etc. 

  • Simplicity: These surveys should be simple to understand and should not be very tedious to fill. The simplicity of such surveys is very important so that the employees can fill it within a short duration of time and so that it does not hamper their daily schedule. 

The simplicity of the survey not only helps the employees but also the higher authorities to analyze the responses more efficiently. 

  • Choose the Medium of Survey: Surveys can be conducted on an offline or an online channel. Nowadays offline channel for conducting such surveys is not preferred. It makes the entire process tiresome and complex. 
  •  Form Relevant Questions: It is very important to shape relevant questions for the survey. The questions should be so formed that they help in the analysis of the chosen traits that are attributes of the chosen goal for the survey, designed for a particular department. 

Some important aspects to be addressed in the survey: 

  • Personal Goals: The survey should take into account the personal goals of the employees for better understanding. 
  • Career Goals: The knowledge of the career goals of the employees makes the decision-making process easier for the higher authorities. 
  • Feedback of the Employee: There should be a section in the survey that enables the employee to give feedback. When the company works on those feedbacks, it helps in the culmination of trust between the employees and the company. 
  • Decide the types of response: Depending upon the questions framed in the survey, you should decide the nature of responses. Certain questions might require a 5-point scale rating and others might require a descriptive response. 
  • Assign credits to each question:Each question should focus on the attributes that were decided upon earlier. Assigning credits to each question determines the importance of those questions towards decision-making. 
  • Get feedback on the survey: Once the survey is designed, get it checked by others and get their opinions and feedback on the survey. This prevents any issues that might occur later on in the process and during decision-making.
  • Audit: Audit the surveys according to the feedback. The same survey should not be used as it is, throughout the years. Some relevant audits should be made in the survey to make it relevant to the current situation and employees. 
  • Design many forms: Many forms should be made to analyze different aspects of a group of employees. This helps in a better understanding of the employees in different aspects which can be beneficial for the company in the long run. 
  • Confidentiality: Confidentiality of the employees should be maintained while conducting these surveys. It helps in getting a true and reliable response of the employee without any external pressure or bias. 

After the survey is conducted, the data collected needs to be analyzed thoroughly to make important organizational decisions. Survey2Connect not only allows you to create performance appraisal forms but also helps in inferring results from the data collected, which helps in making informed decisions. 

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