Passives: Under The Crack In Between

Before we get into what passives are, we need to comprehend why they are important. Passives are a highlight because of their treatment in calculating the NPS score. An NPS score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.
Focusing on the definition, passives constitute the segment of customers which is satisfied with your services but not loyal to your brand. Customers don’t find anything fundamentally wrong to the point where they may warn others, but at the same time, they’re also not going to go out of their way to endorse them either.

Now, why passives are special is because they don’t really move the NPS needle but at the same time make a difference. Passives are most likely to churn when you make changes in your policies, like pricing, etc. They are insensitive to the prices yet more open to alternatives. Companies with a high number of passive customers generally focus on getting sales, not customers.

There are several measures you can take to deal with the passives:

1. Give them a chance to create an opinion. The customer requires some time to reach a conclusion on what they feel about the product/service and how well would they rate them. It’s necessary to provide the customer with a certain amount of time in order to extract apt data. Ask and understand what are the particular areas they would want to be improved and what they like. You need to locate your strengths and weaknesses by communicating with the customer. Action needs to be taken to nullify the weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

2. Ask more of single choice or multiple choice questions. Are you happy with our services? (Yes/No). Did our product meet your expectations? (Yes/No). Minimum choice answers provide maximum clarity on the concerned topic.

3. You must make them aware of the benefits of your brand while following up with them. The qualities of the product/service need to gain popularity amongst the target group. As the product/service gains more popularity the chances of conversion increases.

An excellent approach is to exceed the customers’ expectations and stay in touch with them through follow up surveys, gentle emails, and give them an overall superior experience.

It’s necessary to figure out why customers are not happy and just satisfied. Find out what the passives feel about your brand and if there is something you can look out for, it should be countered instantly to avoid turning that customer into a detractor.

You need to figure out why customers are not happy but just satisfied since passives are as much critical as detractors and promoters for your NPS campaign and business.

Chetna Jangid

Chetna is Customer Success Manager at Survey2Connect.

Chetna Jangid
Chetna is Customer Success Manager at Survey2Connect.
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