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We at FinancesOnline help millions of users compare products, find customer reviews and reports from experts. We have reviewed Survey2Connect which is an experience management platform and let’s see what we have written about it.

Survey2Connect is a client feedback management software designed to help business and organizations extract actionable insights from their customers’ feedback on their experience, beyond only collecting data. With this smart feedback platform, users are able to gather CX (customer experience) feedback from multiple channels including web, emails, texts, and social media.

Users can create dynamic, responsive, engaging, branded, and industry-centered surveys and send them to their customers via emails, pop-ups, SMS, and more. Recognized among the best survey software for small business, The software’s dynamic distribution system enables users to send their surveys to their customers via the right channels and during the most effective times. Survey2Connect analyzes all the data, generates custom reports, and delivers high-value insights that users can act on, helping them make informed decisions.

Survey2Connect Benefits

Get The Real Score From Your Customers

Survey2Connect is more than just a survey management platform. It helps you understand your customers better by dissecting their experience, identify their pain points as well as the positives of their journey with your business, and use powerful analytics to derive insights that will help you improve your services, products, and your brand overall.

What sets Survey2Connect apart from other client feedback management solutions is that the software helps you determine what questions you should ask your customers, which channels should you engage them in, and what time should you reach out. Addressing all these requirements makes them eager and responsive to your surveys, resulting in more honest answers and high-quality feedback.

Gather Feedback from Employees

Survey2Connect is not just for customers. You can utilize the platform to gather feedback from your employees to help you and the management realize the prevailing sentiment in the workplace. It helps you get a clear 360-degree view of the work environment, drive employee engagement, and boost employee productivity. All these lead to huge business growth.

Do employees like the recently-hired project manager? Are they loving the stricter dress code policies? Should you purchase another vending machine for the cafeteria? Whatever questions you need or want to ask, Survey2Connect can help you collect the relevant answers.

Usable for Research

Whether you are evaluating your brand’s performance, initiating mystery shopping, and testing your products, Survey2Connect provides you with the ideal platform to generate and share surveys with the right questions so that you get answers that drive value.

What Problems Will Survey2Connect Solve?

Negative customer feedback circulating

Your customer is not satisfied with your services and gave a bad rating? Survey2Connect enables you to track negative reviews in real time. System-generated tickets can be triggered to notify you whenever a customer gives a bad rating so that you can follow up with the customer, address the problem and convert the customer into a promoter.

Time-consuming manual sending of surveys

No need to log in multiple systems and send invites and reminders manually. You can integrate Survey2Connect to your CRM to automatically send survey invites and reminders at their respective time.

Difficulty in analyzing customer sentiments

Survey2Connect automatically sorts written feedback. The frequency and the relationship of words, phrases, and concepts can reveal trends and common topics. You can process and analyze written feedback quickly through the tool’s text and sentiment analyses.

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