Healthcare organisations have faced a lot of challenges in the past few months. Be it the outburst of COVID-19, transformation in technology, digital healthcare, etc. But, all of these had an intrinsic challenge, improving Patient Experience. The road to revolutionising the healthcare experience starts from knowing the patient’s expectation first hand, and that is where the challenge lies.

Patient Experience is not just creating a human experience, but a humane one

Patient experience is not just a patient’s perspective, but it includes several crucial aspects of the healthcare system that such as appointment bookings, good facilities, efficient care and many more things.

Now more than ever, the focus has been the healthcare sector due to the coronavirus pandemic. The hospitals are becoming more and more conscious not only because of the safety of the patient and the quality of the treatment, but also of the competition surrounding them.

Now the best way to improve the quality of experience is just by asking the patient. Right? No one can tell you how to improve the patient experience better than the patient themselves.

In a survey report, it was found that around 50% of people look for a good experience in terms of care facilities and would be willing to change hospitals and that’s where the customer surveys come in handy.

A patient experience survey has become a necessity for every healthcare organization in the world as there is a lot of competition in every sector including the healthcare sector and in order to maintain an edge over others everyone needs to listen to their end consumers.


Good patient experience is more important than ever today. Today, the whole world is paying more attention to their personal health. That is why healthcare organizations are driving their focus on patient experience. A Deloitte report observed that there is a direct relationship between good patient-reported experience scores and higher profitability. Hospitals with good CAHPS scores had a net margin of 4.7% on average between 2008-2014 as compared to just 1.8% for hospitals with low ratings.

How patient experience can help :

  • Good reputation– Consumers have become a lot more active today and don’t hesitate to raise their questions. It has become rather necessary for every organization to have a good digital presence, as that’s the first point of interaction between the consumer and the organization. It helps a lot in improving the credibility of the business.
  • Patient loyalty– The feeling of being treated as important and with the best possible care really makes a great impression with the patients and they are more likely to remain loyal to your organization.
  • Increased revenue– Revenue increases when more and more people engage with your hospital and that only happens if you are providing top quality services. If patients are getting a good experience at your hospital then they are more likely to remain with you for long-term and recommend you to others.

All this directs towards the fact that it is really necessary to invest in patient experience. Survey2Connect allows you to create PX surveys with great efficiency and help in the overall process.


Consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems survey is a standard survey designed to collect data about people’s opinions about their experience regarding healthcare facilities, policies and asks for suggestions to improve the overall experience. The goal of this method is to find out methods or measures that can be taken in order to improve the healthcare facilities and help in making the experience of the patient all the more comfortable. It is a great way to connect with your consumers and help them out. CAHPS survey is completely consumer-centric and focuses on the issues which can be best solved by taking consumer opinion only and try to make standardized reports which are highly reliable.

This survey method differs from satisfaction surveys as this method is a lot more subjective and focuses on overall experience of the patient.

How does it work?

This survey method has different sets of question which asks the patient about their experiences during their interaction with the hospital. Some surveys might focus on the healthcare plans or policies and others might focus on the patient’s opinion about different facilities in their hospital or ask about their opinion on the staff management and the level of care provided by them.

It is a standardized survey method and uses standardized question and data collection protocols in order to compare the results at a larger level.

After that, there are a set of standardized guidelines for different surveys which help in administrating them, analyzing the responses and using the results to improve the overall experience.


Patient experience starts with the booking of an appointment without any delay in completing the process of treatment. It is the hospital’s responsibility to make everything as smooth as possible for the patients

  • Patient feedback-

Nothing is more powerful than the voice of the patient itself. Asking the patients with the feedback of their experience and suggestions in order to improve can prove to be really efficient. It can help you to know if you are doing well against your competitors or not. Feedback process makes the consumer perceive them as a part of the whole process and improves their satisfaction level.

  • Completing the loop-

Listening to the needs of patients is a waste of time if those are not to be acted upon. A quick management system needs to be in place in order to actively work upon improving the experience levels and close the loop.

  • Talk to the front-line workers-

Front-line workers have a better understanding as of what changes are needed as they are directly linked with the patients and also have a medical background which makes their feedback a lot more credible. Patient experience surveys play a great role in improving patient experience. It not only helps in gathering of data but also provides with full analysis and strategies to improve the results.

Patient experience has become the need of the hour and given the current circumstances, there has been a drastic shift to online feedback process as it gives the most efficient as well as safe results.

CAHPS surveys can do wonders for your hospital if carried out properly.

Join hands with Survey2Connect in order to guide you through the whole process and assist you in this complicated process by making it a lot simple.

Darpan Guglani

My name is Darpan Guglani and I am an undergrad student pursuing BBA from Vivekananda institute of professional studies(IPU). I like to read a lot about the financial side of different companies and I’m trying to learn that by working in Survey2connect.

Darpan Guglani
My name is Darpan Guglani and I am an undergrad student pursuing BBA from Vivekananda institute of professional studies(IPU). I like to read a lot about the financial side of different companies and I'm trying to learn that by working in Survey2connect.
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