Tips to create the best survey

Creating a good survey is not a job for an expert. With Survey2Connect, Create beautiful and intelligent surveys easily. Below are few tips which you can refer to create a good survey.

1. Keep your survey Short and Simple

A respondent is less likely to complete a Long and Complex survey. So, keep your survey short by adding less number of questions and make the survey easy to understand by using simple words and phrases.

2. Only ask relevant questions

All the questions in the survey should always be relevant, never ask an irrelevant question whose response is of no use for the survey collector.

3. Ask Direct Question

The Questions in the survey should be direct and to the point otherwise, it will confuse the respondent and he may back out without finishing the survey.

4. Ask One question at a time

Asking double-barrelled questions is a common mistake because it’s easy to do without realizing. Example: “How far would you be willing to drive for dinner and a movie?” This type of question is problematic because it asks the respondent to give one answer for two different questions.

5. Create Multi-lingual Surveys

Use Language which your respondent understands. This will help you increase your response rate and the respondent can express himself better in the language he understands the most.

6. Survey Testing

Try to get the survey Tested by at least 5 people so that they can identify the mistakes which you may have made while survey creation.

siddhant Malik

Customer Success Manager, Survey2Connect.

siddhant Malik
Customer Success Manager, Survey2Connect.

2 thoughts on “Tips to create the best survey

  1. I was really convinced with your point to make surveys short and direct. I faced some problems while collecting data last year because of long surveys. Thankyou for such an insightful article!

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