Tips to follow while sending your online survey

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After creating beautiful surveys on Survey2Connect, are you ready to send them out? But make sure those surveys are well structured and can be easily filled by respondents.

Here are some tips to follow while you are sending out your surveys.

  • Preview and test

To make you more confident about sending your surveys, previewing and testing them is the most important step. You can even preview your survey after applying logics, adding questions etc. By doing this you can know whether your logics are applied rightly or not. Previewing will also help you to get an idea about how your survey will look like on multiple devices.

  • Review Logics

The thing that will make a respondent more frustrated, is listing of unnecessary questions in your survey. To avoid such baffle, review the skip logics you have applied to your survey. Don’t forget to give page break after or before applying the logics wherever required. While reviewing make sure that the customer is getting skipped to the right question and other logics are also working as applied.

  • User Friendly

It is important that the customers, who are filling the surveys should find it attractive, convenient and timely. Surveys shouldn’t be very long, else should include limited questions. Try adding more multiple choice, single choice and NPS question types, as it will be easy for customers to respond. Don’t include too many long text questions, which will somehow become one of the reasons for partial responses. Avoid too many questions about personal information of the customer.

  • Accessible Medium

There are so many collectors or mediums through which you can send out your surveys, like E-mail collectors, SMS collectors, web links, API collectors etc. Identify the most suited medium for your customers and send surveys through those mediums. Set the date and time for the reminder incase respondent failed to fill the survey. Create link of the survey and ask your team to try it out from different devices.

Chetna Jangid

Chetna is Customer Success Manager at Survey2Connect.

Chetna Jangid
Chetna is Customer Success Manager at Survey2Connect.
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